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From Concept to Cash: Ecommerce Brand Goes From Launch to Multiple Six-Figure Mark

We took a brand new e-commerce business in the jewelry industry from launch to tens of thousands of dollars in monthly sales through Facebook and Google advertising.


A well-established business that had long been selling its products through various channels decided to launch a direct-to-consumer (DTC) arm for greater control over its growth. Given the ever-shifting nature of manufacturing and the changing landscape on Amazon over the past decade, the business owner realized the importance of building a brand and community beyond external partners. While the new fashion brand sold products in a similar category to its existing business, its brand identity and pricing were entirely different.

Alongside competing in a highly competitive market, we also faced the significant challenge of not having an existing customer base or historical data to draw from. This was due to the original brand selling through external partners and lacking personal customer lists. As a result, we needed to identify the target audience that resonated the most with the products and craft messaging that aligned with their preferences.


As a new brand launch involves untested elements like a website, product, and pricing, we understood that gathering data was crucial for discovering a scalable sales model. We conducted tests using Facebook and Google ads, exploring various creatives, audiences, and campaign setups. In addition, we collaborated on devising strategies to enhance website conversion rates and ensure the entire sales funnel was optimized.

Following our extensive experimentation with Facebook ads, we discovered that utilizing carousel ads, which enabled viewers to shop products directly on the platform, yielded the highest conversion rate. Furthermore, leveraging Google's state-of-the-art Performance Max technology enabled us to achieve new levels of performance and expand our outreach.


Through our efforts, we achieved 2,000+ orders (and counting), with over 5,000 items added to cart. These numbers have translated into generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales. Most significantly, the brand now enjoys greater control over its growth and longevity, as it can directly manage its reputation and relationships with customers.

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