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Home Decor Brand's Email Marketing Yields Over Six Figures in Sales

We implemented a new email strategy that generated over six figures in revenue within a year for a home decor brand.


Reed Smythe, a well-loved home decor brand with roots in Nashville, Tennessee, has captured the attention of national publications such as Southern Living, Martha Stewart, and Garden & Gun with their distinct products. Despite having a devoted fan base, the company's marketing tactics lacked a clear strategy or data-driven approach, relying instead on instinct. Upon conducting an audit, we discovered that email marketing, although receiving the least amount of attention compared to other marketing channels, yielded the highest return on investment.


Our first step in helping Reed Smythe was to establish a systematic approach to tracking monthly marketing performance. To achieve this, we designed a marketing dashboard to monitor month-over-month growth, sales, and trends. This allowed us to quickly identify any necessary adjustments for the future. While reviewing historical data, we noticed that the company's email campaigns were not being sent out consistently. However, when they were sent out, they produced impressive results. The inconsistency of email campaigns not only resulted in missed sales opportunities but also increased the risk for higher unsubscribe rates and spam reporting.


We implemented a new email strategy that focused on consistent communication and delivering value to the audience. As a result, we witnessed a significant increase in sales, while maintaining an impressive open rate of 60% and a click-through rate of over 10%. The email marketing campaign's success was evident as it generated over six figures in revenue within a year.

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