Million Dollar Comeback


Social Media Management, Blog Content, Email Marketing, Video Editing


Digital Advertising

0-50K Followers in 3 Months for an Online Docuseries

Gained viral traction for a digital documentary series through video content, social media, email, blogs, and more.

The Problem

The Million Dollar Comeback is an online documentary series that ran from 2020-2021. The series followed the owner of a seven-figure entrepreneur who gave up all of their belongings, including their business, home, and money, to build a business to $1M from the ground up on camera. After some failed efforts with other marketing support, we joined the MDC project in the third month to help them grow. With weekly episodes releasing digitally every week, the goal was to attract a larger audience across key social media channels to follow the journey.

The Process

With so much great footage on hand, we knew it was a matter of building on the right story. In addition to email content, blogs, paid advertising, and Youtube page management, we focused on strategic daily video content on TikTok. As the series progressed, a secondary company launched within the project helping other businesses with digital media; we were charged with the marketing, sales, and content execution.

The Result

- Using viral video content, we grew their TikTok account from 2,000 followers to 50,000 followers in less than three months.

- Within the first week, they had their first viral video which reached over 500,000 views and brought in 20,000 new followers.

- Our direct marketing efforts tripled their monthly revenue.

Latest works

Digital Advertising
We took a brand new e-commerce business in the jewelry industry from launch to tens of thousands of dollars in monthly sales through Facebook and Google advertising.
Social Media
Our content achieved virality on TikTok and Instagram, with a total of over 13.7 million views across four videos.